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 [Moderator App] Look here before Posting.

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PostSubject: [Moderator App] Look here before Posting.   Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:14 pm

Okay i have many, many posts requesting moderator. Well here is a list of things you need to read before posting here. Very important, I will NOT read any post that does not meet the following standards:

  • Firstly, post with good grammar. I don't want to see any posts with bad grammar. (example: Dood i weally ned memba mak now plox ftw tbh noobs.) Okay please spell out your words. A couple mistakes im not going to worry any but for crying out loud.
  • Secondly, when you are posting you must use the application listed at the bottom.
  • Thirdly, You need to have an account on forums in able for me to know who the hell you are. If it just says guest and your name doesn't match any in game i will delete the post.
  • Finally, everyone that wants to apply, apply in your own topic. Don't go inside someone else's topic and say i also want member because i will just delete your post.

Thanks, Coder Zakc20.

[Moderator Application]:
Combat level:
Days played(if longer than a month just say over a month):
How often you play:
4 people that don't have your ip or know you that can give good service votes:
A staff member that can vouch for you(if none just say none):

Also make sure the subject looks like the following:

[Moderator Application] *username*
Replace *username* with your username on the game.

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[Moderator App] Look here before Posting.
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